Event: Deep community building with Achim Ecker and Ina Meyer-Stoll

Deep community building with Achim Ecker and Ina Meyer-Stoll

Deep community building

2-4 September 2016

in SKALA Ecovillage

An intensive community experience with ZEGG-Forum

With Achim Ecker and Ina Meyer-Stoll

How can we be more authentic and alive and create deeper connections with other people? In our experience trust is the glue that keeps community together. Trust is created when the inner processes of all involved become transparent and understandable. With every person who shares his/her deep motivations in the centre of a group’s receptive attention trust, empowerment and ultimately love will grow.

Growth means to see and shape our own beings and to take responsibility beyond ourselves.

Community Building is not about compromises as commonly understood, but it is about truths and being honest about my truth. Then it will be indispensable to get in touch with our real inner feelings. The more we start to accept what is instead of what should be the more real, clear and radiant our lives become. From there we can start listening deeply to others in a safe social setting with open hearts.

We will practice different methods of creative communication with an emphasis on ZEGG-Forum. We will learn and experience practices and exercises that will raise our awareness, trust and transparency. By being a group process ZEGG-Forum goes beyond all mediation and personal growth work on a one to one basis. Its gentle focus on sharing, radical feedback and clarifying unsolved situations makes it an invaluable catalyst for ones own growth. ZEGG-Forum was developed as a communication method – and a space for the community to come together.

More: www.zegg-forum.org

The aim of ZEGG-Forum is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true. It creates a space of trust, openness and transparency between people. A person connected with his or her own inner truth, no matter how wounded, is always beautiful and the process will create love. Being vulnerable and honest to share inner truth in a gentle community context will reveal to us how “Seeing deeply is loving”. As all living systems operate by feedback, a gem of Forum is loving feedback from others in a safe community container. We call this essential feedback „mirrors“.


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Ina Meyer-Stoll          Achim Ecker

Speaking languages: greek, english

For more informations and participation contact us in: info@skalaecovillage.com